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Pakistan: This Independence Day

Posted by Taimur Rahman on August 17, 2006

The Facts Speak for Themselves

32.6% of the Pakistani population lived below the poverty line by the end of 1990’s

A girl child in RURAL areas of the country between ages 6-14 is found to be 24 percent less likely to be enrolled in school than a boy child

Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000 births): 83

By the time children reach an age of 5 in Pakistan:

1- 62% are stunted
2- 45% are underweight
3- 12% have already died

31% of the rural population does not have access to any hospital, clinic, or any health facility or health worker

Female primary school enrolment is 40.5% lower than in comparable countries

Poverty in rural NWFP is more than twice that of urban Sindh, at 19%

Lag in Pakistan’s indicators compared to other countries WITH THE SAME INCOME LEVEL:

As Compared to Other countries WITH THE SAME INCOME LEVEL AS PAKISTAN, Pakistan has:

1- 36% lower births attended by trained personnel
2- 11% more babies born with low birth weight
3- 42% lower health spending per capita
4- 1.6 % less of GDP spent on Health
5- 27 more infant deaths per thousand
6- 19 more child deaths per thousand
7- 23% lower share of population with access to sanitation
8- 20% fewer children of elementary school age enrolled in primary school
9- 40% fewer girls of elementary school age attend primary school than in countries with comparable incomes
10- There are nearly 5 more students per teacher
11- Public spending on education is 1.4% lower than expected
12- The share of population that is illiterate is 24% higher than one would expect based on Pakistan’s per capita income, the figure is 32% for women



27% of the male population and 41% of the female population of ages 11-15 is not enrolled in school

42% of the Male population and 73% of the female population( 15+) was illiterate in 2000

SOURCE: Pakistan Poverty Assessment, World Bank
(stats provided by Bhagat Singh)


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