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Relationship between CPP and CPI after 1947

Posted by Taimur Rahman on August 7, 2006

Comrade Hamza wrote “The Communist Party of Pakistan was not an Independent Party from the very first day of it’s birth.The CPP was working as a unit of CPI.The Party was not emerge through an independent Congress,it was bifercated on the basis of partitioned areas.”

Comrade Hamza, the fact that the CPP emerged as a result of the bifurcation of the CPI does not in anyway prove that the CPP was “not an independent party”. Given your logic, one would also have to accept that Pakistan was not independent of India given that it emerged as a result of the bifurcation of India.

In order for us to accept your thesis, you would have to present evidence beyond the Calcutta Congress that conclusively demonstrated the interference of the CPI in the politics of the CPP in a manner that undermined the decision making process of the latter. If you have such evidence please present it. All evidence points towards the other conclusion; that after the formation of the CPP in 1948, the CPI lost all contact with the CPP.


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