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War of Independence, 1857

Posted by Taimur Rahman on July 10, 2006

Aamir Riaz from Awami Jamhoori Forum wrote: “1857 is neither a revolt nor was an example of struggle. it was congress who reinterpret this event.”

However, one can clearly see that long before the All India Congress existed, scholars, especially those opposed to colonialism, supported the 1857 “war if independence” or “Indian Revolt”. Arguably the greatest mind of our times, Karl Marx wrote 32 articles and 12 letters in support of the “Indian Revolt”. One can find them, as well as some of his other writings on India, at http://marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857/india/index.htm

On the other hand, the arguments that the 1857 Revolt was “niether a struggle nor a revolt” is strangely reminicient of the views of the British colonialists who were never ready to acknowledge this event as a “War of Independence” and continue to call it a “mutiny” to this

It seems to me that on nearly every question of concern to the emancipation of the workers and peasants, the representatives of the Awami Jamhoori Forum (especially Aamir Riaz) increasingly take a reactionary position. Take for example, the support for neo-liberal privatization. It would be difficult for me at this point to even put the Awami Jamhoori Forum in the category of “democratic” forces. A sad state of affairs for people who, if I am not mistaken, at one time considered themselves pro-Chinese revolutionaries.


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