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Mazdoor Action Committee

Posted by Taimur Rahman on July 3, 2006

Mazdoor Action Committee

The first press conference of the Mazdoor Action Committee went off extremely well. The conference was well attended and there was good covereage in all the papers. The first edition of the weekly newspaper of the Mazdoor Action Committee was published and distributed at this press conference.

The leaders of the Railway Workers Union Fazle-wahid (president APTUF) and Ashfaq president open lines RWU also participated in the conference. After the conference workers took the opportunity to listen to some revolutionary poetry and people were commenting that this was a simultaneous press conference and a jalsa.

The next big activity of the Mazdoor Action Committee will be a demonstration against the increase in working hours to 12 hours on July 7th this Friday starting from the Simla Pehari and going towards the assembly chambers.

This is expected to be a big demonstration and I would like to encourage everyone to support the workers in their struggle for the enforcement of the 8 hour work day.

Workers of the world, unite!


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